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Mona Lerch is a contemporary mixed media visual artist and entrepreneur residing in Brno, Czech Republic.


After graduating with MSc in Criminology from London Metropolitan University, she pursued her career in internal security specializing in counter-terrorism and hybrid threats while continuing with her creative passion – dancing, teaching and choreographing for one of the most prestigious dance studios in Prague, Czech Republic.


Her health condition and the complicated birth of her son put a halt on dancing after almost 20 years of experience, and on maternity leave she dedicated her time to painting and learning more about the art world. Realizing that years spent in a predominantly male field and once a dream career didn’t fulfil her creative needs, she took the leap of faith and transitioned into a full-time artist. At the same time, she began working towards creating a safe space for women artists to empower them in their journeys and increasing their visibility through various art opportunities. Amid the world pandemic, she launched an international online platform Art Mums United dedicated to supporting other artist mothers and caregivers and later Women United ART MOVEMENT to highlight women in the arts.

By embracing the beauty of womanhood, Mona slowly shifted her focus from abstract expressionism to mixed media portraits and figurative work that explore body language and emotions associated with experiences of personal and spiritual growth. Her art is characterized by an almost ethereal atmosphere combining the female form with natural elements such as leaves or florals that represent her perceived need for connecting with nature as a source of life, freedom and energy. There’s almost always a hidden meaning open to the viewers‘ interpretations. However, it also relates to her intimate journey as a woman, mother and artist. Through her work, she aims to highlight the power of shared experiences and invites her audience to find beauty in the mundane, take a moment and appreciate life with all its ups and downs.



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"What started as a hobby that helped me relax and step away from all the world' s sorrows became a passion and purpose after suffering from postpartum trauma, depression and anxiety. Canvas, paper and wooden panels are my playgrounds - my performance stages where I give shape to both dark and light emotions, drawing inspiration from nature with its perfect imperfections, geometry and feminine energies.

I embrace what it means to be a woman with my current body of work. I celebrate the strength, compassion, love and spirituality as all my pieces reflect my own spiritual awakening, setting boundaries, facing challenges and fearlessly going for my dreams and goals. Having worked in a predominantly male area for years, denying my femininity which I perceived as a weakness and being almost ashamed of being a young woman resulted in being diagnosed with a condition typically associated with failure to accept femininity. As I freed myself of everything that went against my body, mind and soul, I also managed to free myself of this condition realizing that I can create a ripple effect and empower other women to focus on long-term changes both in their lives and art practices.


Through my art and other activities I encourage them to be unapologetic, authentic and aware that we own our choices and decisions. I welcome the challenges that come with each technique as I shift between different media in my art process. I recently found joy in a technique that forced me to let go, experiencing unpredictable flow using graphite to sketch, inks to highlight, water, tea and alcohol to build the form and character of my pieces. On the other hand, my oil pieces reflect my need to learn to be patient and appreciate the process. Just like in life, the results appear over time and highlight the journey rather than the immediate goal. I work at one piece at a time; however, switching between collections has become a regular practice that allows me to create regardless of time and space availabilities."

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Mona’s shown her work internationally with Women Artist Born Global Network (FI), The Unicorn Factory (CA), Visionary Art Collective (US), Brandi Hofer Art Gallery (CA), The Purposeful Mayo (CA), The Curator’s Salon (UK), PxP Contemporary (CR) and Deep Space Gallery (US).



2022 Visionary Art Collective: Ephemeral / Eternal / online

2022 ERA Café: Us - An Artist Diary / Czech Republic

2022 Deep Space Gallery: Material World / NJ, United States

2022 Deep Space Gallery: Mothership Connection / online

2022 Solo Show: Landscape Of My Soul / Czech Republic

2022 Art Mums Europe: The Colours Of Us / Czech Republic



2021 The Curator’s Salon: Intrinsic Nature  / online

2021 The Purposeful Mayo: Reverie – Inaugural Art Exhibition / online

2021 Brandi Hofer Art Gallery: Born Free Live Wild Online Exhibit

2021 Visionary Art Collective: Finding Sanctuary Online Exhibit

2021 The Unicorn Factory: Flora And Fauna Online Exhibit

2020 Women Artist Born Global Network (WABGNET) Spring 2020 Virtual Reality Exhibition

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She is also the founder of two global platforms which highlight women in the arts - Art Mums United and Women United ART MOVEMENT, hosts a weekly art podcast, organizes an annual international contemporary art contest Women United ART PRIZE, and runs Women United ART MAGAZINE.

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