Mona Lerch is a self-taught contemporary artist currently residing in Brno, Czech Republic.

After having completed her studies in Australia and the UK, she returned to the Czech Republic to pursue her career as an internal security specialist.

As a former dance choreographer painting was not an obvious artistic path for her; however, she has been drawing inspiration from movement and music, thus mentally combining several forms of art in one.

Mona concentrates on abstract oil painting. She uses her emotions and both life and work experiences to bring life to unique pieces of artwork often playing with structure, layers, and various techniques. Her paintings are intuitive and offer space for the viewer's own imagination. Being a nature lover and a passionate advocate of ecological lifestyle, she digs deep into her fantasy to give life to exceptional and magical pieces. Her mission is to create a narrative embodying the beauty we have around us that we forget to see.


Artist Statement


I paint because it makes me feel alive. Canvas is my playground where I give shape to dreams and feelings, drawing inspiration from nature with all its wonders.

I use oil paints because I love the endless possibilities I am given with them. I believe they can teach us patience and appreciation of the slow process in this era that forces us to accelerate everything.

By inviting the audience to experience my fantasy world, I aim to make them remember that we should care more about the things that we take for granted.

" I care about nature, I feel that it's hurt. I hear flowers crying and trees to be burned. I wonder daily what have we done with all the beauty which now wants to run. Away from us humans to survive once more, to show us how foolish we've been to the core. So listen to nature that wants to save you, you as the fools that foolish things do."