Hi, my name is Mona (part 1)

I feel my first blog entry should be about the whole process of how and when I became an artist. And when I say WHEN I became an artist, I mean the moment when I said to myself: „You are an artist, and you are going to make it as an artist.“

I never intended to do a blog. But there are so many of you who want to know my background and my journey. I had to add this „little“ activity to the list (and my website). Some of you may have seen the recent article about me - I have added it to the PRESS section. However, it's for Czech speaking people only.


When I was in high school, we were divided into three groups, each majoring in different type of art – drama, music, and visual arts. It was an artistic high school, and I believe that in most cases (including mine) when you couldn’t draw/paint or sing you just applied for the drama class. No offence to those who felt drama was something they were good at – I always attended drama classes at my secondary school, but I don’t think I had the talent to become an actress. Ever. I always admired all the beautiful drawings and paintings, and I can honestly say that some of my classmates were exceptional at it. I never had the urge to try it, and I still don’t know what has changed in 2013.


So I started painting back in 2013 when I didn’t have much money for Christmas presents, and I wanted to create something special for my family and friends. I had no idea what to do or what to buy. I just knew there was this one gift store with cheap stretched canvases and oil paints. So I went there and bought several small canvases and my very first oil paints. 

So I did several dusks and dawns, some abstract pieces, some landscape artworks, and yachts – my dad is a sailor. I started buying better canvases and better oil paints. I even got an easel from my boyfriend (now my husband) who always supported me. I painted a number of paintings for our walls and occasional birthday and Christmas gifts. And people loved and admired them.

Work commitments (both job and dance teaching/choreographing on the side) didn’t leave me much time for this new hobby, and I only painted once in a while. I went to a one-day oil painting workshop with my friend Eva – who is very talented as well, by the way, and creates beautiful spiritual artworks. And then we were moving to a beautiful old art nouveau apartment in the centre of Prague, and we decided to buy and repair old furniture to maintain the spirit of the flat. So my boyfriend and I spent three months looking for old furniture and renovating it.

We are quite adventurous, and when we got engaged, we decided to make all the stuff for our wedding ourselves – candle holders, vases, altar, and what have you. So there was no time for me to do any painting for quite a while. But we were really creative anyway.

A funny story – one of my last paintings, before I decided to go public, were two origami doves for my maid of honour for her wedding. I was so proud of that!!! My husband got her both a congratulations card and a wrapping paper with doves. OMG!!! She hates birds!!! She starts panicking every single time she sees one!!! I know about this from the moment we met. And I forgot!!! I only realized that when I was talking to one of our friends. She asked me about the gift, and the moment I sad the word „doves“ it all clicked. We had a big laugh, and my friend (the one with the phobia) started calling them „dragons.“ Now when I think about it, it does not hang on any of the walls in their new apartment. I need to check that out.

Well, a couple of months after our wedding, I found out that I was pregnant. Since I didn’t have a studio and didn’t want to paint in the apartment because of the fumes, I gave up, packed all the things and didn’t touch them until April 2019. I only concentrated on drawing and attended a 3-month course. I was so excited about the course but didn’t enjoy it that much because of my pregnancy and me not feeling comfortable.

(...... to be continued......)

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