Book a commission


Dear customer, 


thank you for entrusting me with such an exciting task of creating original and unique artwork for your special or favourite space. 


To ensure that you are utmostly satisfied with the final piece of art, please continue reading the following information.

In my mind, commissions are a special category of paintings. I believe it is a very responsible "job," and this is why I require a lot of information before the process even begins. 

Things to know

Since I take commissions very seriously, I only accept a limited amount of clients per year. So should you wish to book a commission please contact me first for availability.

I would also like to highlight the fact that I only use styles and techniques you can see in my current collection of artworks.

Also, the process takes time, especially with oils. So if you are booking a commission as a gift, do not forget that the drying process may take up to several months depending on the size, layers, and material used.

The pricing is based on size, material, and approximate time spent on artwork and shall be agreed on before the beginning of the process.


Information I need

1. Shape (square, rectangle, round, oval).​

2. Size (ensure you choose the right size for your selected space).​

3. Horizontal or vertical.​

4. Add photos of the room/space from various angles (include a description of light during the day).​

5. Colours, shades, tones (favourite, hated, colours in the interior, etc.).​

6. The character of the artwork (purpose, significance, what mood it should induce, etc.).​

7. Timeframe (possible deadline).​

8. Type of varnish (gloss or matte).